This course will cover ...

  • What to use

    How to select the right needles, threads and materials for each project.

  • Transferring your designs

    We discuss all the available options and I share my favourite fool-proof techniques with you.

  • Loads of Designs

    Step by step demonstrations on how to sew over 10 beautiful hitomezashi (one stitch) patterns with bonus downloadable templates.

and includes ....

  • Video Lessons

    Follow along to 11 video lessons at your own pace.

  • Community

    Join our private stitching community to share projects and discuss designs.

  • Happiness

    There are many benefits of stitching!
    • save money • reduce environmental impact • stress relief • creativity

Sashiko for Beginners

Focus on perfecting your stitching form and structure.
Practice methods for establishing and perfecting Sashiko style stitching. Finish up by applying your new skills to mend your much loved garments.
Impress everyone with your creativity!

  • Access to 11 step-by-step videos

  • Over 10 different hitomezashi stitches

  • Master Supply List clickable pdf

  • Stitching Guides

  • Dowloadable templates

  • Unlimited Updates

  • Lifetime Access to the Class

  • Streaming videos can be played on any device

  • Content can be downloaded and yours to keep forever

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • A message from Kate Ward

    • Before we get started ...

    • Welcome!

  • 2

    1. Getting Started - Choosing your needle and thread

    • Getting Started - Choosing your needle and thread

    • Supplies

    • 1. Getting started

    • Hitomezashi Sashiko Pattern Template

  • 3

    2. Yokogushi - Horizontal Rows

    • Yokogushi - Horizontal rows

  • 4

    3. 10 Cross Stitch

    • 10 Cross Stitch

  • 5

    4. Threaded Stitch

    • Threaded Stitch

  • 6

    5. Rice Stitch

    • Rice Stitch

  • 7

    6. Linked Steps Stitch

    • 6. Linked Steps Stitch

  • 8

    7. Hawk's Feather Stitch

    • 7. Feather Stitch

  • 9

    8. Coin Stitches

    • Coin Stitches

  • 10

    9. Threaded 10 Cross Stitch

    • 9. Threaded Cross Stitch

  • 11

    Bonus : Mountain Stitch

    • Mountain Stitch

  • 12

    Bonus : Other ways to transfer designs onto fabric

    • Ways to transfer designs onto fabric

What students are saying ...

Sashiko was a major source of finding calm...


"Thank you so much - sashiko was a major source of finding calm and peace in my inner universe, and I can’t say enough good things to you for introducing me to it!"

I’m enjoying the close-ups, the tips, those important little bits of information...


"It’s very well done, and your explanations are clear and concise.

The course is a good pace and your voice is so pleasant to listen to. I really appreciate being able to see exactly what you’re doing and if necessary do a review as needed.

I’m enjoying the close-ups, the tips, those important little bits of information that can get forgotten when one is processing new information and focusing on a new stitching skill at the same time."


  • Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

    Sure do! If you finish the course, implement the techniques and feel you haven't improved, you can email me within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Forever! As long as Zen Stitching exists, this course will be available to watch. Take it at whatever pace you'd like, watch whenever, wherever as many times as you'd like.

  • Will I be able to access all of the videos at once?


  • Ive never tried stitching before. Is this for me?

    Yes! The course was made with the beginner/intermediate stitcher in mind and those looking to pick up extra tips to improve their stitching. There are many step-by-step videos that are perfect for anyone just getting started.