Sashiko Stitch Club 2022

12 months of sashiko stitching

Learn how to stitch 12 beautiful patterns over the course of a year

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Sashiko Stitch Club 


Back due to popular demand! This is the second year of the Sashiko Stitch Club after gaining momentum from our first year in 2021.

Each month a new sashiko embroidery pattern is released with an accompanying video and downloadable instructions on how to draw it from scratch and how to stitch.

Focusing on the popular moyozashi patterns and other recognizable sashiko designs, these stitches can be applied to mending and embellishing textiles.

The act of stitching has so many therapeutic benefits from mindfulness to stress relief, and this club offers the opportunity to meet people from around the world.

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What my students are saying ...


Lana Perrotti

"I'm loving the sashiko stitching class. They provide time to be reflective and Im loving the process and beautiful design motifs - they're so simple to create - once you know how!

I love creating repetitive designs - they are mindful, and engaging."

Robin West

"You are an inspiration. This activity makes time stop and my chronic pain goes unnoticed. It is a meditation and I am so happy I found you.

As soon as my hand touches the cloth and I start stitching, I am taken to a place of stillness and the pain is forgotten. "

Alice Paradis

"You are the best teacher that I have ever had. 

I am in my 70’s so, that covers many teachers!

Thank you for all that you do especially getting us through Covid."

How the program is delivered 

Learn how to stitch a new sashiko pattern every month for a year


Each month a new sashiko pattern is released with a video that guides you step by step through the process guiding how to draw the pattern onto the fabric and how to get the best results possible.

I share with you:

  • how to select the needles, thread and fabric to use for each project
  • how to stitch 12 different sashiko patterns
  • techniques demonstrated by video
  • downloadable pdfs to refer to whilst stitching
  • Private community to share your projects with like-minded people
  • Monthly zoom chats
  • Bonus month on what to do with al you different panels of stitching
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Benefits of the program



A new pattern every month

By the end of this program you will have 12 different sashiko patterns in your library which you can use to stitch all kinds of things. 

These are different stitches from last year, so you can continue building your knowledge.



Join like minded people from across the globe and share your sashiko projects in our private community.

This is the perfect place to ask questions, share tips and make new friends!



Numerous studies have cited the benefits of stitching and it is considered active meditation to let the mind be still whilst the hands are busy. 

It's a treat to sit and stitch in today's busy world!


A look at the modules inside our program


01. Before we get started

To set yourself up for success our first module demonstrates how to get great sashiko stitches, every time.

We also cover the materials and products to use to get the best results every time.

02. Bonuses

  • Four different methods on how to transfer your design onto fabric.
  • DIY pattern and instructions on how to make your own sashiko thimble.

03. January

We begin our stitching adventure with simple patterns that are easy to draw and stitch. This helps us build confidence to tackle the more complex designs. A video that guides you through the process of drawing and stitching the pattern  along with discussing the history and symbolism of each pattern, accompanied with a downloadable pdf. 

Everything you need to sew

perfect sashiko stitches



  • 12 sashiko patterns
  • Video Tutorials accessible via Desktop or Mobile App
  • 13 modules released monthly over 13 months
  • Private Community for feedback and peer support in the Zen Stitching Community
  • DIY sashiko thimble
  • How to transfer your designs onto fabric
  • Additional inspiration for your stitching projects

Prices are shown in Canadian Dollars


Nice to meet you!

Hi Im Kate! Im a textile artist who loves travelling and the esoteric.

Kate Ward (BFA, MA and MFA) studied Textiles, Printmaking, Paper making, and Ceramics in Australia, participated in an exchange with the Kyoto Seika University,  and she combines her love of art and travel and has had the opportunity to study in Japan, Italy, England and Canada.

Throughout her journey as artist and educator she continues to return to her textile roots making functional sewn and hand-stitched garments and objects for exhibition, seeing this work as ‘comfort food’ for the soul.

With a focus on sustainability and zero waste living, Kate embraces stitching as an act of mindfulness, self-care, resilience, and environmental awareness.

Kate now calls Canada home.